RECLUSE / String Panel Pants - black
    金額 NTD 3600


    RECLUSE 專注於細節上的巧思,藉由對周遭環境細微的觀察,我們發掘萬物背後的隱晦喻涵,並用不同的角度拆解審視,最後重新組合詮釋。我們打從心底珍視和尊重如此的發想過程並期待開創一條新路。

    RECLUSE focuses on examining the finer details. By taking elements through everyday-life surroundings and uncover the underlying meanings of every object that we are drawn to. We aim to understand the parts piece by piece in different perspective and fuse them to capture a certain point of view. We are seeking a path and respect the process of each stagethe bottom of our hearts.

    46:  腰寬 41 cm 褲腳 17 cm 褲長 106 cm
    48:  腰寬 43.5 cm 褲腳 17.5 cm 褲長 108 cm
    50:  腰寬 46 cm 褲腳 18 cm 褲長 110 cm


    78% polyester
    20% rayon
    2% spandex

    Cold wash
    Do not bleach
    Iron medium heat
    Do not tumble dry
    Hand wash
    Dry clean mild
    Dry flat

    金額 NTD 3600